Cheers to YouTube!

Hello Friends!!! I just wanted to take a moment to share some brand new news with you! I am officially on YouTube!!! I’ve always wanted a YouTube channel, but I never had the time to film! I finally stopped procrastinating and I MADE TIME! My channel will be about beauty, fitness, healthy treats, DIY, fashion,...
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How To: Shop Organically!!!

Hi Friend!!! I want to share with you some of my organic food Must-Haves!!! You must know, I love food shopping! My favorite grocery stores are Trader Joes, The Whole Wheatery, and Whole Foods ( I love Whole Foods Salad Bar). Many years ago when organic foods became popular, I was so confused!!! I thought organic meant...
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Bring me MY Cookies!!!

Hi Friends!!! Yes! Its all about COOKIES today!!! If your a little Cookie Monster like me, you will love this post! I understand most of us have cravings for cookies, candy bars, and ice cream, but at the same time we are trying to keep our bodies nice and fit. I found another yummy option just...
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A Magical Apple Shot!

Hi Friend! I hope you had a fun weekend!!! I have something magical to share with you, and its about the health and beauty benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar! I like to call it ACV! Ok, I’ve tried ACV 2 months ago, and one of the benefits is weight loss! I was taking 2 teaspoons...
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Super Bowl Snack Ideas!

      Hi Friends!!! Are you getting ready for Super Bowl Sunday!!! The fabulous fit girls and I are so excited to watch the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos play!!!! Yay!!! We are all about the Seattle Seahawks!!!!! We are also excited to watch the commercials and Bruno Mars rock the Halftime Show!!! He...
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Hi Friends!!!

I’m so excited to write this to post just for you! As you may know I love to share with you EVERYTHING awesome I learn from the health and fitness world, so here it is!!!

The girls and I from my fab fit team have an amazing surprise for you! We have spent time researching the best and healthiest smoothie we could find, and YES!!! We found it!!! It’s called SHAKEOLOGY! The healthiest meal replacement of your day. The four flavors of Shakeology are Greenberry, Strawberry, Vanilla, and Chocolate! We love it because it’s packed with over 70 healthy ingredients, superfoods, it will help us with our weight loss, gives us energy, fights diseases, and help us maintain our weight. OMG!!! This is why we love it!

We also learned Chili from the 90s R&B group TLC love Shakeology too! She is fit and have an amazing body.

I tried the Vanilla flavor and I found a recipe to make it taste similar to an Orange Bang and an Orange Julius. Do you remember the Orange Julius in mall?

If you want to try it yourself to receive these amazing benefits of having superfoods everyday in just one glass, send us an email: to discuss your fitness goals. We can also give you a call to share our story with Shakeology!

Click here! to receive your very own Shakeology NOW! Superfoods to the rescue!

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Your girl!

Mia Grissom


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Hello Friends!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Ok, yes I know I’m so late and I haven’t blogged since November! Wow!!! Ok, so what have I been doing? I was wrapped up in the holidays, birthdays, visiting family out of town, the Rose Parade, and yes! I also hired 3 amazing women to work with us! Wheww!

I’m back into the swing of things and I have so many new projects for this year. I hope all of your dreams come true and I wish you an amazing new year!

I’ve decided to share with you some photos of what I’ve been doing all this time.

Cheers to 2014!!!

-Your Girl,

Mia Grissom

Whatcha wanna know about me?

Hey Friends!!! I was thinking about you this morning and decided to make a “Whatcha wanna know about me?” post. I was wondering if you looked at people in person or on social media and thought about what do they do? Are they happy? What makes them happy? and What struggles have they faced? If so,...
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Sneak-peek of Turkey day!

Hey Friends! Here we are, the day after Thanksgiving and it’s officially shopping season! How was your Thanksgiving? Since I’m back from shopping, I decided to share with you my Thanksgiving day! It was such a beautiful and fun day with the family. My mom did majority of the cooking, I took care of baking...
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